We have put together some additional information that may help you to plan your visit to Cotswold Country Park & Beach.

Do I have to book admission to enter and how much is park admission?
  • We strongly recommend that you book admission in advance online, as this helps us to manage our capacity and avoids disappointment should we reach capacity on the day. For all activities and BBQ hires you do require park admission tickets alongside your activity ticket or risk being turned away at the gate. We strongly recommend you also book activities online in advance.
  • Admission prices are dependant upon the season, they can be checked on our park admission page. Please be advised that we recommend booking in advance. Please ensure that you have purchased park admission before booking activities.
Can I park anywhere nearby?
    We encourage all pedestrian bookings to arrive by bike or be dropped off and collected at the front gate. There is no external parking near the site.
Can I cancel my tickets as it's due to rain?
    All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Our activities still run despite wet weather. Our activities are only cancelled if there is thunder and lightning within 5 miles of the site. Please note, this decision will be taken on the day and will be a temporary measure until the thunder and lightning has passed.
Are your toilets open?
    Our toilets are open during business hours.
Can I bring a disposable BBQ?
    Unfortunately disposable BBQ’s, fires and gas burners are prohibited on site. We have BBQ areas that can be rented out for the day. Failure to follow the rules on site may lead to you being asked to leave.
Are dogs allowed?
  • Dogs are very welcome, they must be kept on a lead at all times.
  • They are allowed on the pedalos and electric mini ports boats within reason. They are also allowed in the café.
  • We ask that dogs do not go onto the beach or swim anywhere on site.
  • During hot weather, please do not leave animals in your vehicle.
Can I go swimming?
    Please only swim from approved areas from the beach to the buoys, as these are where our Lifeguards are overseeing.

Do you serve food?
    We have various eateries on site, including the Beach Shack and Café, opening hours are dependent upon demand.

When I am on site where can I purchase activities?
    We have a live online booking system which means you can book activities from your phone on our website on the day, activities can also be purchased from our shop.

Do we have to rent buoyancy aides?
    Buoyancy aides are provided for all water based activities.

Can I bring inflatables on the beach?

It is the lifeguards decision if the inflatables are appropriate, as inflatables can obscure their view. We ask that you only bring small inflatables, for example a single lilo or small animal inflatables. We do not allow inflatable boats.

Can I camp?

We do not have camping facilities on site, but there are some nearby hotels and campsites such as Hoburne Cotswold Holiday Park. We do not allow any overnight stays. Bolt Hole Retreats have some lovely holiday properties nearby – www.boltholeretreats.co.uk/destinations/cotswold-water-park/

Do you have any information about Lake quality or algae.

Lake quality is checked by the Environmental Agency on a monthly basis.

Can I bring my own Paddle Board/Kayak/Boat?

You are unable to launch your own craft from our site, this includes all SUPs, kayaks and boats.

What are the age restrictions on activities?
  • On our row boats, pedalos and mini ports, we ask that children are 11 years old and over if participating on their own. If accompanied by an adult, any aged child can have a go.
  • On the stand up paddle boards and kayaks, children must be aged 11 and over.
  • On our AquaVenture, participants must be aged 6 years and over, over 110cm and accompanied by an adult if aged 6—10 years old.
How many people fit in your boats, kayaks and SUPs?
  • Our pedalos and mini ports fit 4 adults, toddlers can sit on their lap.
  • It is one person per kayak/ SUP.
Is this a protected site?

Areas within the Cotswold Water Park are Special Areas of Conservation and our site in particular is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. We therefore ask you to be respectful of all the local flora and fauna. We ask guests to dispose of waste properly, no matter how small to protect our wildlife. Thank you.

Is admission to Cotswold Country Park & Beach included in the AquaVenture ticket?

No. Park Admission must be booked as well as AquaVenture. Park Admission allows you to park, access all of the park, go to the beach and swim, plus access to the outdoor children’s play facilities and children’s water play area. Please book online in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Do I have to be able to swim to participate on AquaVenture?

Yes, you must be able to swim 50m unaided with a buoyancy aid on and be confident in the water. Young children must swim own their own as you have to swim to AquaVenture to gain access.

Can I wear shoes on AquaVenture?

No – trainers or hard soled shoes are not allowed such as rock pooling shoes. Aqua shoes are also not allowed – barefoot is standard.
Aqua socks are permitted and are available to purchase on the day if necessary.

How long prior to the AquaVenture session should I arrive?

We advise you to arrive on site at least an hour before your session and it is essential to check-in at the AquaVenture Reception on the North Lake (this is NOT the main park reception) at least 30 minutes before your booked session. This gives you time to check in, get changed, get your wet suit (if booked) and be briefed. Our safety brief takes place quarter past the hour and you must be changed, in your buoyancy aid and ready to receive the briefing at that time.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

If the water temp is below 15 degrees centigrade, wetsuits will be mandatory. We will have water temperature information on arrival. If you have your own wetsuit you are welcome to bring it along, otherwise we have them available to hire on arrival subject to availability at £5.00 per wetsuit.

Can I participate on AquaVenture if I am pregnant?

We strongly advise not to participate if you are pregnant.

Do I need to remove all jewellery and can I wear glasses on AquaVenture?
  • Yes, all jewellery must be removed before you enter the park, including all removable ear-rings.
  • It is strongly advised not to wear your spectacles on AquaVenture, prescription goggles are a good alternative. If you have to wear your glasses, this is done entirely at your own risk, as there is a high chance of losing them or damaging them.
  • Swimming goggles are permitted.
Can I take a waterproof camera onto AquaVenture?

No, sorry, we do not allow equipment like this as it could damage the inflatables.

Do I have to be physically fit to take part on AquaVenture?

You do have to be able to pull yourself up out of the water and it can be tiring. You don’t have to be very fit to take part, however it is a very active sport.

Can I bring my own food and drink to the park?

Yes, but we ask that you do not bring glass bottles or containers. Please note, we have the Lakeside Café and the Beach Shack that serve excellent food and drinks – opening hours are dependent upon demand.

Do adults have to go on with children on AquaVenture?

For children aged 6—10 years, an adult must accompany them on AquaVenture. The ratio of an adult accompanying children is no more than 1:3. For ages between 11 and 15 an adult must complete the disclaimer on behalf of the child but does not have to go on AquaVenture with them – the adult must be 18+ to give consent and must be on site.

Is AquaVenture fun for adults as well as children?

Yes, the aqua park is fun and challenging to both adults and children. There are parts of AquaVenture that the adults will find challenging and other parts the children will. It is great fun for everyone and a perfect family activity.

What happens if it’s raining when I am due to go on AquaVenture?

Well……you are going to get wet anyway! So, it all still carries on in the rain. We may have to stop AquaVenture in a storm. It is good fun in the rain. We have wetsuits available to hire on arrival, subject to availability.

What happens when there is a storm?

If we have a storm overhead then we will pause and resume once the storm has passed. Then your time will continue as normal. This does mean we may have to delay later sessions if this does occur.

Can I leave AquaVenture before the hour is up?

Yes, you can leave before the hour is up, however you cannot return to AquaVenture once you have left the area.

What happens if I have booked AquaVenture and I’m stuck in traffic?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to get you onto AquaVenture if you miss your session. We will try our best to help you and if there’s space accommodate you later, but we cannot be held responsible for traffic. Leave plenty of time for your journey. We cannot offer refunds if you miss your session.

Can you go on AquaVenture for longer than an hour?

Yes you can, you just need to add an hour onto your booking, and make us aware on arrival you have more than 1 hour booked. Please note it is quite tiring and normally 1 hour is enough for the average person.

Where can I store my possessions and valuables when I am on AquaVenture?

We have small keyed lockers for basic possessions; car keys/ mobile phones etc but they are not very big. We advise not to bring any valuables to AquaVenture or to leave them with someone that has come with you or locked in your car.

Are there concessions?

Sorry, unfortunately there are not any concession rates. We do offer AquaVenture discount on exclusive use bookings and group bookings of 20+, please email via the Contact Us enquiry form for further information.

Are there any changing rooms and toilets for AquaVenture?
  • Yes, there are changing rooms, split into male and female but they are basic and at present there aren’t any showers.
  • Yes there are toilets on site, located at the main entrance and the far end of the beach. Please note, there are no toilets located at the AquaVenture.