FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS—for visitors of Cotswold Country Park & Beach


Do I have to book admission to enter?


We strongly recommend that you book admission in advance online, as this helps us to manage our capacity and avoids disappointment should we reach capacity on the day. For all activities and BBQ hires you do require park admission tickets alongside your activity ticket or risk being turned away at the gate. We strongly recommend you also book activities online in advance.


How much is admission?


Admission is dependant upon season, and can be checked on our booking page. Please be advised that we recommend booking in advance. Please ensure that you have purchased park admission before booking activities.


Can I cancel my tickets as it’s due to rain?


We require 10 days notice in order to cancel or amend tickets. Our activities still run despite wet weather. Our activities are only cancelled if there is thunder and lightening within 5 miles.


Are your toilets open?


Our toilets are open during business hours.


Can I bring a disposable BBQ?


Unfortunately disposable BBQ’s, fires and gas burners are prohibited on site. We have BBQ areas that can be rented out for the day. Failure to follow the rules on site may lead to you being asked to leave.


Are dogs allowed?


Dogs are allowed, but we ask that they do not go onto the beach or in the lakes. They are allowed on the pedalos, mini ports and row boats within reason.


Can my dogs swim on site?


Unfortunately, we ask that dogs do not swim on site.


Can I go swimming?


Please only swim from approved areas from the beach to the buoys, as these are where our Lifeguards are overseeing.


Do you serve food?


We have various eateries on site, including the Beach Shack and Dragonfly Café, opening hours are dependent upon demand.


When I am on site where can I purchase activities?


We have a new live online booking system which means you can book activities from your phone on our website on the day, activities can also be purchased from our shop.


Do we have to rent buoyancy aides?


Buoyancy aides are provided for all water based activities.


Can I bring inflatables on the beach?


It is the lifeguards decision if the inflatables are appropriate, as inflatables can obscure their view. We ask that you only bring small inflatables.


Can I camp?


We do not have camping facilities on site, but there are some nearby hotels and campsites.


Do you have any information about lake quality or algae.


Lake quality is checked by environmental agency monthly.


Can I bring my own Paddle Board/Kayak/Boat?


You are unable to launch your own craft from our site.


What are the age restrictions on activities?


On our row boats, pedalos and mini ports, we ask that children are 11 years old and over if participating on their own. If accompanied by an adult, any aged child can have a go.

On the stand up paddle boards and kayaks, children must be aged 11 and over.

On our AquaVenture, participants must be aged 6 years and over, over 110cm and accompanied by an adult if aged 6—10 years old. On our pedal karts you must be over 110cm tall.


How many people fit in your boats?


Our row boats, pedalos and mini ports fit 4 adults, toddlers can sit on their lap.


How many people can fit in a kayak/ stand up paddleboard?


It is one person per kayak/ SUP